How to Keep Your Affiliate Program Marketing Campaign Alive

One of the problems that almost everyone faces when trying to make a sustainable income from working with an affiliate program is that their campaign runs out of steam. You start with an incredible idea. Things seem to be going really well. You have regular cash coming in. Then it all starts to peter out. What’s happening? And how can you stop it?

The likelihood is that your problem is caused by one of three things. In no particular order: 1) Your campaign is growing stale. 2) You’re attracting the wrong leads. 3) New competitors have come into your affiliate network’s area.

So, those are the problems. What are the potential solutions? Let’s work through one problem area at a time.

Your Affiliate Program Marketing Campaign is Growing Stale

This one is fairly obvious. If the same set of people see the same sets of messages for long enough, they stop seeing them. When was the last time you read the safety notices when getting on a plane? It’s exactly the same deal here. This form of customer engagement fatigue is common in all sectors. To overcome it, you have two choices:

  1. Regularly refresh your content. That includes your ads, banners, social media posts, blog posts and landing pages. If you give people something new and interesting to see on a regular basis, then they’ll keep coming back. And if you split test each of these areas – exposing different groups to different versions of each area and monitoring which gives you best results – then you’ll soon have a killer marketing campaign bringing pay per sale revenue back to you.
  2. Find a new audience. Easier said than done? Maybe. But, you just need to broaden your thinking. You can change your territory – if you’re working with an international dating affiliate network, for example, there’s nothing to stop you from targeting an overseas audience. You can change your angle – go serious, go fun, go professional. And you can change your source – if you’ve done Facebook to death, try Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or working through forums.

You’re Attracting the Wrong Leads

It’s tempting to think that any lead is a good lead when working with an internet marketing affiliate program. The problem is, while you might be attracting truck loads of traffic to your affiliate’s website, once there they may not all do what’s necessary to earn you cash. This is why it’s really important to put effort into finding the right audience and thus finding the right leads. So, research your targets, don’t provide misleading information to get a hook, and test your campaign.

New Competitors Have Come into Your Affiliate Network’s Area

If you’re experiencing success in an area, it won’t be long before others twig the opportunity. And there’s nothing you can do to stop them. If it can’t be stopped, why mention it? Because if you’re aware that it’s happening you can take steps to stay on top. Negotiate with your affiliate partnership program for an exclusive deal for your leads. Look for new traffic sources. Try and get a better deal with your key advertising platform – you’re a loyal customer, they want to keep it that way.

More and more people are switching on to the potential of working with affiliate programs. It’s a fabulous way to earn money online. You can work from home. You can add an additional revenue stream to your business. But, you need to be prepared for occasional disappointments. And, importantly, find ways to overcome them.