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Why Credibility Matters When You’re Promoting Dating Offers

August 29, 2023

If you regularly work with affiliate programs, you may have noticed that credibility is frequently mentioned as a path to success. It has become a by-word for trust and authority. And according to some experts, it is the most important differentiator between affiliate marketers who succeed and those who fail. But why is it so

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How to Use Product Reviews for Dating Affiliate Sites

August 15, 2023

Product reviews are widely known as being among the most affective marketing approaches for affiliate program work. They’re the easiest way to list all of a product’s positive attributes without screaming, ‘this is an ad!’ in neon lights. But what happens when you mainly work with dating affiliate sites? Are product reviews still relevant or

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Manage a Successful Dating Affiliate Network Campaign

July 28, 2023

Dating is known for being an evergreen vertical. Romance never goes out of fashion. So, if you’re looking to monetize a blog or website, joining a dating affiliate network is usually a pretty good place to start. But signing up to an affiliate program is the easy part. What do you need to do to

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How to Use Banner Ads for Your Affiliate Program Work

July 17, 2023

When you’re trying to secure conversions for your pay per sale affiliate program work, you’ll consider a range of marketing approaches. There are various lead generation strategies. From perfecting your content and social media to working with influencers. But one of the approaches that you may have overlooked is the use of banner ads. So,

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Back to Basics: What is Pay Per Sale Affiliate Marketing?

July 12, 2023

When thinking about joining an affiliate program to monetize a blog or website, one of the first decisions you have to make is how you wish to work. There are a whole range of program styles. Pay per lead, pay per sign up, pay per click, and pay per sale, among others. And they all

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The Best Lead Generation Strategies for Dating Offers

June 20, 2023

When you work with an online dating affiliate, one of the biggest difficulties you’ll face is lead generation. Although dating is an evergreen niche, unlike some other verticals, you can’t rely upon repeat customers. If you’re working with a pay per signup dating site, you get one hit. And although the remuneration has the potential

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Can You Use AI for Affiliate Program Work?

June 12, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere these days. From industry to healthcare. But did you know that it’s not just the remit of big business? Since its inception, AI has seemed to be aimed at the corporate market. Something you need big bucks to get involved with. But in 2023, that has changed. And

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How to use Expert Content for Dating Traffic

May 29, 2023

If you’re working with an online dating affiliate, the chances are that you’ll already understand the importance of producing regular content. Whether it’s blog posts and videos or user generated content. The important thing is that your website stays fresh. And your SEO stays strong. But as the blogging industry has grown, it’s becoming increasingly

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Benefits of User Generated Content for Affiliate Program Members

May 10, 2023

User generated content (UGC) is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of both populating blogs and websites. And building customer engagement. If you’re working with an affiliate program, you can use it in a variety of ways. From building a social media following. To enhancing your email marketing strategy. But what exactly is

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