How to Use Pinterest to Promote Dating Offers

In 2015, Pinterest all but banned affiliate links from the platform. Promoting the offers of even the top affiliate programs became near-impossible. Consequently, most people looking to draw dating traffic – or any other kind of traffic – moved away from the site. What many people don’t realise though, is that in spring 2016 the embargo was lifted. Pinterest was once again open to entrepreneurs looking to make a living through working with an affiliate program. So, if you’re not already working with Pinterest, here’s how you can take advantage of this valuable marketing tool to gain clicks for your dating offers.

Working with Pinterest to Promote Your Dating Offers

The thing about Pinterest as a platform is that once you’ve made or found some suitable images, you can start work straight away. It’s free to use. It’s quick. And it’s another great way to make money from dating affiliate programs without setting up a blog or website. So, this is what you need to know.

How does affiliate marketing work on Pinterest?

Marketing on other social platforms – Facebook, Instagram etc.. – seems a relatively easy process. Largely because they’re associated with words as well as pictures. But Pinterest is a whole different kettle of fish because it’s solely about the pictures. Of course, there are  words there, but you have to delve deeper to see them. Essentially a virtual pin board, Pinterest is a place where images are collated for a particular purpose. The beauty of this for promoting dating offers is two-fold.

1. Rather than looking for social links, people use Pinterest for research. This means two things. You have a receptive audience. And you’re not intruding into people’s personal spaces with advertising.

2. You can embed your affiliate links into images without disrupting the flow of your page and making it look too much like an advertising platform. This is really beneficial because people don’t like to feel like they’re being sold to.

How to Start Working with Pinterest

1. Start at the beginning and open an account. Take care to select a username and create an account profile that will be of interest to your potential visitors. Do make sure that you state that you work with affiliate links as this is the easiest way to avoid sanctions.

2. Review your dating offers and find/create images associated with the subject. Then Pin them to your ‘board’. You can then embed your affiliate links into the images. If you don’t want to work directly with your affiliate links alone, you can also Pin images that will draw dating traffic back to your blog, website or sales funnel.

3. Make sure that you write a strong description for each Pin. This is where your SEO comes from and what will help people find you.

4. Generate as much content as possible. Like any other online platform, content is King. The more content you produce the higher you’ll rank and the greater the chances that your P ins will be seen. The more your Pins are seen, the more likely that your pay per sale links will be clicked.

And that’s really all there is to it. If you want to further promote your dating offers on Pinterest, there are things you can do to automate the process. This will increase your post frequency and your ranking. But the best rule is to start off small and invest when you know what you’re doing is working. Happy Pinning!