How to Use Seasonal Events to Gain Better Results from Online Dating Affiliate Marketing

Jingle bells, jingle bells, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – and all I want for Christmas is you… It’s that time of year for taking stock. So, how has your experience of working with an affiliate partnership program been? Do you feel that you’ve got the best of it, or is there still room for improvement? Have you seen your pay per sale earnings increase as the festive season has approached, or do you feel like things have been winding down? Christmas is an incredible time of year for a lot of businesses. But what you might not have been aware of, is that it could – and should – have been a great time of year for you too, if you’re working with an online dating affiliate.

Why an Online Dating Affiliate can be Profitable in Any Season

One of the best things about working with dating offers is that there are a huge number of opportunities to build campaigns. Christmas is one of them. But don’t worry if you’ve missed it – there’s still time to work on something for the New Year – or Valentine’s Day, or Easter, or the summer. It’s just a case of being able to identify your opportunities. And to do that, you need to think like your readers.

First of all, why do people sign up for online dating? Because they don’t want to be alone. They’re looking for a relationship, and they’re looking for ways to facilitate that. While that is not a seasonal thing – people are always looking for love – there are seasonal triggers for you to build your campaign around.

  • Finding someone to kiss in the New Year with when the clock strikes midnight,
  • Searching for your Valentine.
  • Ah me, the romance of Paris – or anywhere else – in spring time.
  • With chocolate being one of the prime aphrodisiacs, Easter is always a time when you want to know that some bunny loves you.
  • Summer holidays are all about sharing experiences and building memories. They’re great alone, but better together.
  • With its time of ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’, autumn is achingly romantic, it’s easy to build a campaign around finding ‘the one’ for those long walks in the leaves of fall.
  • Give your readers something to be thankful for at Thanks Giving, by helping them to find love.
  • And Christmas. Just turn the radio on and listen to all those Christmas love songs to hear why Christmas is THE time to plan a campaign to promote the work of dating affiliate sites.

How to Prepare Your Seasonal Dating Promotions

  1. Plan. Organising any kind of marketing campaign takes time – especially if you want to get it right. So, start thinking about Valentine’s Day now. Work ahead for the best results.
  2. Explore different platforms. Instagram is great, but you might find that your demographic favours forums, Facebook, or something else entirely. Do your research.
  3. Review your budget. While you can manage affiliate marketing on a shoestring, for best results some investment is required. So, check your assets before you begin to avoid overspend.
  4. Strong communication. Get your message out there. Make sure that it is clear, full of key words and completely engaging.

Finding romance never goes out of fashion. Working with an online dating affiliate means that you always have an audience for your promotions. Your job is to make sure that you make the most of that. And working with those special seasonal events can certainly help.